Dance for the Dead

by This Horrible Machine

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“Dance for the dead”
As a cold breeze can grab a hold the bone, do the screams of damned ones purge through to the soul Frantic they pace the deck awaiting deliverance, something someone to save them. Prayers unto a demon have been muttered in fright, the devils hand shall guide our sins as one this night. Terror has sprung from the full moons curse its fear consumes from within. Eradication of all, strangling sadistic sensation now it's time to evolve
dance for the dead Crumbling through to the very truth that the end is prominent
dance for the dead crumbling through to the very truth that we are all dead
There is so much that lies beneath these murky waters. Panicked for their lives, anything to save their own existence distraught in this moment perplexed by reason to evade the chosen path we walk or to find an alternate escape. The bow tips forward and water begins to drown them out ,one by one. This was no accident. This is the wrath of an evil ,we have fatally trespassed. The fear shall spread like the ancient plagues of old. The sea releases its rage this is treachery no warmth from the bitter cold. Conflicted to know the meaning of our choices let my corpse rot with maggots before I am lost and dragged unto the demons den
Wicked defiler please show your mercy tonight. For all we have done we bow low before our shining light panic has settled to the point of agony , We will not lastour forsaken souls are cast out to the sea panicked to the point of agony.I will stand amongst the bloodshed , taking all that comes to save my brethren. Bare chest and no excuses , no remorse for the wicked things from the dark.
Dance for the dead crumbling through to the very truth that the end is prominent
Dance for the dead crumbling through to the very truth that we are all dead
Life full of sin of sin you lay before me wicked, vile creature who begs for mercy. I shall not stop till my darkened soul has consumed every last one of you. You shall suffer our wrath.
We cannot give in to the urge to surrender all we have lived for. We must carry the weight of their fears , for we all born to lead. Do not fall before evil, or you will lose your soul ,and all, all we've lived for.
Driven by purpose ,every choice brings reason, the plot hath been ordained.
Entrenched in the guilt of a lost life, all that we know and all that we are.
Carried with the tide to a new place, an altar for blood sacrificed.
Do not seek conventional means of attaining your ascension from this life


released January 15, 2013



all rights reserved


This Horrible Machine Lafayette, Louisiana

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